Opiniones del Visual Sorce Safe de Visual Studio

24 Abr

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SourceSafe is a real pain in my ass. Its integration with VS is shite. I keep getting errors and weird dialogs with messages like “You should close this program now” and “Could not perform operation”. What operation? WTF are you doing to me? And on top of all this, SS decided to revert every file I modified to a version that was a week old. Imagine sitting down and pressing a key, only to see sixty plus hours of work evaporate before your very eyes. No warning, no “Are you sure you want to do something incredibly stupid?”. Just WHAMMO you’re fxord. For some unknown reason it also decided to push my current work into a recursed version of my development directory, which is the only reason why I’m not swinging at the end of a rope right now. So, in addition to SS, I have a regular backup running multiple times a day. I’m definitely checking up on some of these alternatives.

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